Author L Scott Clark Debut Novel: Path of the Phoenix on Pre-Order
Author L Scott Clark Debut Novel: Path of the Phoenix on Pre-Order

Author L Scott Clark Debut Novel: Path of the Phoenix on Pre-Order

Obsidian Wolf Publishing is excited to announce the upcoming release of debut author L Scott Clark and Path of the Phoenix

L Scott Clark has been working on his first book for the last Ten Years. He has described his journey to publication as some of the most rewarding and stressful times in his life. He had very little publishing understanding when he started and has learned many of the pitfalls along the way.

After dozens of edits, a few complete rewrites, and an overhaul of much of the scenes, he is happy to get this first book into the publishing world.

This book is the first in a series entitled The Sorcerer’s Guide:

Upcoming Release

Countdown to the release of Path of the Phoenix – Feb 16th, 2021. Thanks to all the support from my family, writing groups, beta readers, and more.
Paperback – Preorder is through Ingram Sparks and they are struggling with uploading all the files. I will let you know if anything changes.
Author Website:

Here is a summary of – Path of the Phoenix

Magic has been Reawakened

Magic has been hidden and forgotten for centuries; but it can’t remain concealed forever.  A countdown of destruction initiates the eventual release of an imprisoned demon that threatens the world. A young boy is chosen, but will he be strong enough to survive?

Sixteen-year-old Jet Black wants nothing more than to be normal. Four years ago, he survived a natural disaster that killed most of his hometown. Now he is starting his Sophomore year at Chadwick’s boarding school, only to learn that many of his problems have followed him. He must find the courage to reveal his darkest secrets to his friends.

Discovering a hidden book that only opens at his touch, Jet is forever changed. Faced with a choice of safety or adventure, he embarks on a journey that will stretch his abilities, test his friendships, discover magic, and ultimately lead him on a path back to his beginnings.