Debut Author Douglas Vaughn Releases His First Book: The Mind’s Echo
Debut Author Douglas Vaughn Releases His First Book: The Mind’s Echo

Debut Author Douglas Vaughn Releases His First Book: The Mind’s Echo

***New Release***

We are excited for Debut Author Douglas Vaughn as he releases his first book in a new Medical Thriller series: THE MIND’S ECHO.  #medicalthriller #thiller

Dr. Theo Raden and the cast have a huge case to solve. There is medical advancement, a possible murder, missing clues, and the person with the most information has a memory problem. Theo willingly chooses to use his skills and background to attempt to help his patient solve her problems. Unexpectedly, he is dragged into the center of the controversy. Discover more below:

E-book: The Mind’s Echo
Paperback: The Mind’s Echo
Audiobook: Coming soon

It was wonderful for us to watch this author find himself in the process. He came to us looking for some guidance and help along the way. We helped set up contacts for editing, book cover, marketing, art, and much more…but the story is his to share.  There is a lot of good things coming from Douglas Vaughn.

Back of the Book – Medical Thriller

Dr. Theo Raden finds that the most challenging patient of his career, who appears to be a homeless pregnant woman, has a suspicious memory problem. Can she be trusted? What really happened? As a first-year residency doctor, he has little wiggle room. Fortunately, he has one of the best attendings in the hospital but getting involved in the personal life of one of his patients is a gamble.

The expression on her face reminds Theo of the worst time in his own life. He could allow her to confront her own demons…or could he? Stepping out of the hospital, Theo risks sacrificing his profession, his life and the lives of his friends, for a stranger.

Sophia LaCross has no memory of what happened to her over the last several months. As she attempts to step back into her routine, she discovers that her life has been shattered. Her roommate—and best friend—is gone, her job hasn’t seen her in months, and it’s becoming clear that someone close to her doesn’t want her to know the truth.
Theo has been pulled into a world of medical evolution, corporate greed, and entertainment, and while he has some friends in high places, even they think he has been deceived and misled. Step by step, the pieces slowly fall into place, but what they finally reveal—is unthinkable.