Upcoming Release of Tales of the Exam Room Vol 4
Upcoming Release of Tales of the Exam Room Vol 4

Upcoming Release of Tales of the Exam Room Vol 4

New Release

Scott Kemp is releasing his latest volume of the popular Tales of the Exam Room medical short stories.

Vol 1-3 have been Top in the charts on Amazon for the last month or more.  Vol 1 received “TOP SELLER” and reached #1 in several different categories.

Scott is excited to release the latest set of short stories entitled: Scary Medical Stories just in time for Halloween.

Scary Medical Stories:  Tales of the Exam Room – Volume 4

In Vol 4, we continue to share stories of medicine so that they can be told, felt, discussed, and retold over and over again. There is so much to learn about patient encounters, decision-making disasters, and incredible actions of those involved during odd and life-saving situations.

Author Scott Kemp brings forth a collection of short stories that will be informative, entertaining, and chilling. Each story brings about a greater clarity into the unbelievable circumstances that medical professionals and patients find themselves in.

Volume 4 takes a look at some of the extreme sides of medicine, including a boy who gets hit in the chest with a baseball and an unrelenting episode of vomiting, and more.

Remember that the art of medicine is seldom straightforward. There are many boring cases of sore throat and back pain, but we want to shine on the erratic and unstable behavior cases.


Tales of the Exam room – Volumes 1-3

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