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Scott Kemp

Author Scott Kemp has always had a love for medicine and writing, and he was fortunate to find a way to do both. Over the years, Scott has gathered a number of stories both inside medicine and outside. At dinner parties or company meetings he would tell the stories that he knew, and he kept being told that he needed to write these stories into a book. And so…years later he did.

Medicine is a unique area to write about. There are always issues involving legal and Scott has tried to steer clear of this by retelling stories and changing names, dates, and places, and even combining stories in such a way that the reader might enjoy how medicine really happens in The Exam Room – behind closed doors.

Scott’s passion for writing comes from an early age as he loved to watch the world around him. Living in Maine, he has absolutely loved the outdoors and the ocean. The ocean brings calm to his life. Writing brings him happiness. Scott also has the desire to learn and will take any opportunity to learn a new thing.

Check out his website: Exam Room Tales


L. Scott Clark

L. Scott Clark is the author of The Sorcerer’s Guide series. He began writing this series just after finishing his graduate degree in Physician Assistant Studies. During college, his favorite three classes were medicine, creative writing, and French.

He does his best writing in a quiet and secluded office, hoping to have the least number of distractions. (Curse you Facebook, Instagram, and sports pages) He loves reading, traveling, sports, running, and spending time with his family outside of writing. His escape location is the beach!

L. Scott Clark continues to work in medicine and enjoys solving problems and helping those who struggle to help themselves. Much of his experience has been in Correctional Medicine, which has given him a unique perspective over the years. He lives with his family in Utah and enjoys the sunshine, snow, and stunning mountains.

You can visit him online at www.LScottClark.com or on Twitter (@LScottClark) or Instagram (@lscottclarkauthor)


Douglas Vaughn

Douglas Vaughn is semi-retired and transitioning into what he has always wanted to do…write a thriller. He has intimate knowledge of medicine, hospitals, medical advancements, the pharmaceutical world, and much more. There is something exciting and empowering about science and the infinite possibilities. That excitement transitions well to the fictional world. There are dozens of stories to be written.

Douglas lives with his wife, and two dogs, and is always searching to find time to escape into the wilderness around their home. He often contemplates human interactions, the search for happiness, mental health, and our place in the world. Join him as he brings forth a new medical thriller series.

Check him out at Douglas Vaughn

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