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Latest News from Obsidian Wolf Publishing and our Authors

Obsidian Wolf Publishing works hard to bring exposure and readership to its authors through a variety of different channels and marketing options. We also love to share the successes of our authors. In the book community – we are all working hard for each other to help each other succeed. Competition isn’t between authors as so much as trying to have an author improve their craft in a meaningful way.

Here at Obsidian Wolf Publishing – we help with the process of Indie Publishing. We get you from where you are…to where your dreams can be realized. There are many options for self-publishing including Amazon, Ingram Sparks, Draft2Digital, Smashwords, and much more.

But before you can even start to think about the publishing side…you need to look at the first draft, book organization, world building, Character Arc, character development, Book Genre, Editing, Marketing, Author Platform, and much much more.

Obsidian Wolf Publishing can help with the process but we don’t take over the royalties.

Take a Look at some of our Authors:

Scott Kemp

Scott Kemp joined Obsidian Wolf Publishing in October of 2020.  He writes Short Stories – Medical Stories – that are loosely based on experiences, events, and more. Much of the specifics have been changed to protect privacy. His stories are thought provoking, intellectual, with some medical training. They are primary intended to entertain. His first release was Jan 2021.

1.)  Crazy Medical Stories  – Volume 1

2.)  Medical Horror Stories  – Volume 2

3.)  Medical Stories While Incarcerated – Volume 3

4.)  Scary Medical Stories – Volume 4

5.)  Amusing Medical Stories – Volume 5

6.)  Volume 6 coming 2023


L Scott Clark

L. Scott Clark joined Obsidian Wolf Publishing after learning about what we have to offer. He had written several different stories but was struggling with the next step. He joined Obsidian Wolf in November 2021.  He had a finished manuscript. Through the editing process, the book really took off. His series – The Sorcerer’s Guide – is a YA Urban Fantasy Series. This book is rich in friendship, adventure, treasure seeking, myths, mythical creatures, and more.

1.)  Path of the Phoenix – Book 1

2.)  Soul of Anesidora – Book 2

3.)  Gravity of Deceit – Book 3

4.)  Book 4 – Coming Soon 2023


Douglas Vaughn

Douglas Vaughn is semi-retired and thought that writing a book would be a hobby. When he sat down to write his draft, he learned how much he loved writing. He wasn’t sure what took him so long to do it. He writes in Adult Thriller and in his first book, it is based around medicine. A medical thriller is an interesting category with a lot of upside. His debut book: The Mind’s Echo will be release Dec 2022.

1.)  The Mind’s Echo – Book 1

2.)  Book 2 is being written